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Clients may not always recognise the value of translation as an investment in their business. The associated costs are often perceived as an additional burden. However, the importance of translation to the outcome of an operation cannot be overstated. It is imperative that you know whoever you will entrust with the task of translating into the language(s) that your potential clients speak. If the quality is there, you will get a good return on your investment (ROI).

There are numerous examples of unsuccessful attempts to save money, in which many companies have suffered significant losses. When it comes to promoting a product, quality translations are a must. It is therefore essential that you view your translation budget as an investment rather than an expense.

How do you calculate ROI?

The formula for calculating the percentage of ROI is:

(gain from investment the cost of investment) / cost of investment

It can be difficult to quantify this concept of gain when working with language service providers. Below are some ways to better appreciate the benefits of accurate, high-quality translation.

High-quality translation is ROI

Close sales

A quality translation with localisation will ensure that the marketing content you use (websites, sales pitches, white papers, email blasts, and advertising messages) is adapted to the medium and expressed clearly, which can help you acquire more clients and increase your revenue. In addition, it is more effective with your existing international targets, both linguistically and culturally.

Reduce your churn rate

Clients who were dissatisfied with your content (software, website, and support materials) due to inaccurate or missing localisation and who had difficulty using your solution no longer have a valid reason to unsubscribe from your service.

Enhance your reputation

Making a mistake or presenting yourself with poor grammar can result in cruel remarks or ridicule posted online about you or your business (even the best have had issues with translation errors). Your seriousness and expertise are reflected in the excellent quality of what you provide. Thus, your translated content stands out from the translations provided by your competitors, which means that you are able to save more money in the long run or avoid losses.

Avoid client complaints

All your general terms and conditions, terms of service, online support, and user guides are perfectly translated into the target language. You reduce the time and costs spent on the service department or hotline and, in the worst case, avoid potential legal costs.

Make trade shows profitable

Expenses incurred for participating in trade events can be recouped more efficiently. Transportation, lodging, catering, registration fees, booth costs, and, of course, your staff’s time is more than worth it. It is essential that the communication tools you use on site (brochures, posters, and advertisements) are executed well to support your commercial activity and give you every chance of success.

It is all about maximising your opportunities. You will get the most out of the money you initially invested. In particular, information translated into their native language will always entice a potential client to make a purchase.

You should now be able to judge the benefits of quality translations more accurately. The translation process is an integral part of the value chain. Be sure not to underrate this cost, and select the appropriate business partner. It is not a huge expenditure, but its importance cannot be understated.

It is essential to work with experienced language service providers or translators who are native speakers of the target language, experts in many fields, and can accurately capture the subtleties of a language and its culture. The quality of the translated text is all the more important as it constitutes a first impression for potential clients.

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