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Is ChatGPT a good translator?

Reading time: 5 mins In our previous article we looked at ChatGPT from the perspective of the translation industry; does it pose a threat to human translators or is it a welcome companion? The article briefly touched on ChatGPT’s machine translation (MT) capabilities and its potential advantages over other online MT tools. ChatGPT’s main [...]

2023-09-07T09:32:46+01:00September 7th, 2023|Translation Insights|0 Comments

Translation in the digital age: how machine translation is changing the pharmaceutical industry

Reading time: 6 mins In line with global trends, the medical and pharmaceutical sectors are generating increasing volumes of text. Driven by global manufacturing and distribution of products coupled with regulatory demands, these written documents all require translations into local languages. The near-exponential growth of demand for translation is increasing; tackling all of this [...]

2023-09-07T09:07:36+01:00September 7th, 2023|Medicine & Pharmaceuticals|0 Comments

ChatGPT: translation industry’s friend or foe?

Reading time: 5 mins It is almost certain that you have at least heard the name ChatGPT in the last few months. This AI-powered tool has taken the world by storm, opening up several discussions on how it and other similar tools will fundamentally change the way we work. Scenarios vary from utopian to [...]

2023-08-08T08:50:25+01:00August 8th, 2023|Translation Insights|0 Comments

Translation service combinations: find your perfect match

Reading time 4 mins In our previous article, we explained the main differences between text improvement services to help you make an informed decision that best fits your needs. Even though all of these services can stand alone, they are in many cases bundled with a translation service. As the end result and price, will [...]

2023-03-07T13:31:41+01:00March 7th, 2023|Translation Insights|0 Comments

Proofreading, revision, editing, and post-editing: do you know the differences?

Reading time: 4 mins Just as tiling contractors can surely tell the difference between furan and epoxy grouts or tailors know how a cross stitch differs from a slip stitch, in the language service industry we can differentiate between various text- and language-related services in our sleep. As with any professional, it is our job [...]

2023-02-07T13:47:55+01:00February 7th, 2023|Translation Insights|0 Comments

Machine translation today: to automate or not to automate?

Reading time: 6 mins In recent years, the drive to automate as many processes as possible, using rapidly-developing technology and artificial intelligence, has led to many breakthroughs. Machine translation (MT) is surely one of them. Last month, we briefly explained what machine translation is, how it works, and which tools are the best and most [...]

2022-11-09T13:08:18+01:00November 9th, 2022|Translation Insights|0 Comments

Machine translation: is the future now?

Reading time: 7 mins Machine translation was not so popular a decade ago, with the quality of translations it produced ranging from questionable to disastrous. But times have changed and the technology has improved markedly over the years. With the recent development of deep learning, new and more powerful tools have emerged, while existing tools [...]

2022-10-11T11:03:32+01:00October 11th, 2022|Translation Insights|0 Comments

CAT tools vs machine translation

Reading time: 5 mins In recent years, computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools have made the translation process much more efficient, highlighting the crucial role of translators as stakeholders in this process. Most professional translators nowadays use these tools. A CAT tool is specialised translation software often referred to as a “translation tool”. Its function is to [...]

2021-09-08T09:15:12+01:00September 8th, 2021|Translation Insights|0 Comments
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