Translation of a text

Translation by an expert in a given field is formatted by a project manager. Such texts are intended for comprehension and work purposes and internal use.




Translation with proofreading

Translation by an expert in a given field is finalised by a proofreader and then formatted by a project manager, making the text suitable for internal and external use.




Translation, revision by an expert, and proofreading

Additional revision of the translation ensures the highest level of quality and expertise. The text is linguistically perfected and fit for all purposes.


The minimum order is 1 translation page (1500 characters without spaces).

Besides written translations, we also offer:

Proofreading is a thorough and careful examination of a text done in order to find and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style and spelling. In addition, a proofreader estimates whether a text will be understood by and is appropriate for the target audience and in some cases can even make suggestions to improve the text.

Proofreading is always done by a native speaker of the target language with a degree in linguistics.


€7 /page

€10 /page

Prices do not include VAT.

Certified translations are translations of legal and official documents prepared by court interpreters who are appointed by the Ministry of Justice.

We offer certified translations of: (B.A., M.A. and Ph.D.) dissertations, marriage, birth and other certificates, power of attorney, passports, extracts from the court/ business register, work permits and other official documents.

The translation is bound together with the original text and a statement by the court interpreter, who is responsible for the quality and accuracy of the translation. The document consisting of the above enumerated 3 parts is eventually also stamped with the court interpreter’s stamp. We usually receive a certified copy of the official document (issued at the administrative unit), while you keep the original.

Before the translation process begins, you have to verify with the competent authority whether they also require an Apostille. An Apostille is a certification provided under the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 for authenticating documents for use in foreign countries.


from ENG, GER, FRE, CRO, SER to SLO:
€39 /page

from SLO to ENG, GER, FRE, CRO, SER:
€43 /page

from €60 /page

Prices do not include VAT.

If you need interpreting for a business meeting, an international conference or an informal hangout with foreign business partners, we can help you by providing one or more interpreters.

Whispered interpreting takes place next to a small target-language audience and the interpreter whispers a simultaneous interpretation of the matter at hand. One interpreter can interpret for up to three people only, in order not to disturb others in the audience.

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter starts interpreting whenever the speaker stops speaking. This kind of interpreting is appropriate when there is enough time available for the speaker to wait for the interpretation.

In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter renders the message spoken at an average speed almost simultaneously. The interpreter sits in a soundproof booth and the listeners need headphones. Other technical equipment and a technician are needed at the site. This kind of interpreting is appropriate when the speaker does not want to wait for the interpreter’s translation: the interpreting is audible only to those wearing headphones.

Want more than just a translation of words?


We only offer interpreting in combination with the Slovene language (i.e. from a foreign language into Slovene and vice versa). The price for interpreting varies depending on the characteristics of the project (language combination, field of expertise, type of interpreting, and duration of the event). For more information or to send an enquiry, please contact us.

Localisation means translation and adaptation of a text to the specifics of the chosen target market or environment.

By localising your webpage you will reach out to a broader circle of potential foreign buyers. Furthermore, establishing and expanding your business abroad will be simpler and more efficient.

Besides localisation of webpages, we also offer localisation of software (manuals, user interfaces), online documentationhardware (application program interface, manuals) and telecommunication devices.

»People are at least three times
more likely to buy a product when
they are addressed in their own
Research conducted by the agency Forrester


The same prices that apply for translation apply for localisation services – you can choose between the BUSINESS and TOP packages.

For marketing existing or launching new products or services on foreign markets, we offer all-round language solutions.

We proofread and translate your registration documentation, promotional materials and instructions (for use) and then graphically design and prepare this for print.


The price of the all-round solutions package depends on the field of expertise and characteristics of the selected services (the language of the source text for proofreading, language pair of the translation, your wishes regarding graphic design etc.).

Among other language services we also offer subtitling of videos and films, DVDs, TV shows and other electronic media.


The price of the subtitling service depends on the characteristics of the project (the field of expertise and the scope of the spoken text, the desired format of the end product and language pair for subtitling).

We can provide you with a written form of audio formats by transcribing the spoken language to written text.

Transcription is a suitable solution when you need a written translation of a spoken language of a video or you simply need to have the spoken language recorded in written form.


The price of the transcription service depends on the characteristics of the project (the field of expertise and the language of the text).


We provide quality translations of texts entrusted to us and make sure that the message you are trying to convey to the target audience is rendered in a perfected form. This way you can rest assured about the message reaching out to your partners and clients on the foreign markets.



To achieve the highest quality of our service, it is of vital importance that we carefully and methodically select professional and experienced subcontractors.
We work with translators and revisers with expertise in a selected field and with a university degree. They have at least five years’ work experience in the field of expert translation and they are native speakers of the target language.
Our revisers are linguists by education and hold a university degree. They are native speakers of the language they revise and have at least five years’ work experience in revision.
We have created a strong team of reliable experts and base our cooperation on principles of mutual respect, fair payment and a proper professional attitude.



Our project managers and subcontractors use various CAT tools and quality assurance tools. The use of CAT tools ensures consistency in terminology, speeds up the translation process and enables efficient supervision of the quality of the final product.

Our own project management software records specifics of our cooperation and enables us to carefully process your documents. In some cases, it even drastically lowers your costs and speeds up the translation process.



Alamma’s project managers are highly qualified to manage complex and demanding projects. They make sure that the translation process is efficient and provide translations on time. They skilfully coordinate the agreed deadlines and individual steps in the translation process to ensure professional translations of the highest quality.

The characteristics that distinguish our project managers are prompt response, flexibility, superb knowledge of best practices in expert translation, dedication, commitment and a solution-oriented attitude.



Your documents are handled with care and strictly confidential.

Our own project management software enables us to store your documents, which enables you to access them even years after the project is completed.

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