If you need interpreting for a business meeting, an international conference or an informal hangout with foreign business partners, we can help you by providing one or more interpreters.

Whispered interpreting takes place next to a small target-language audience and the interpreter whispers a simultaneous interpretation of the matter at hand. One interpreter can interpret for up to three people only, in order not to disturb others in the audience.

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter starts interpreting whenever the speaker stops speaking. This kind of interpreting is appropriate when there is enough time available for the speaker to wait for the interpretation.

In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter renders the message spoken at an average speed almost simultaneously. The interpreter sits in a soundproof booth and the listeners need headphones. Other technical equipment and a technician are needed at the site. This kind of interpreting is appropriate when the speaker does not want to wait for the interpreter’s translation: the interpreting is audible only to those wearing headphones.


Interpreting up to 1 hour: 110 EUR
Half a day: from 330 EUR
Daily rate (up to 7 h/day): from 580 EUR
Each additional hour: from 100 EUR
Waiting hour: 45 EUR
Do you need more than just a translation of words?

Prices do not include VAT.