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Proofreading is a thorough and careful examination of a text done in order to find and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style and spelling. In addition, a proofreader estimates whether a text will be understood by and is appropriate for the target audience and in some cases can even make suggestions to improve [...]

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Certified translations are translations of legal and official documents prepared by court interpreters who are appointed by the Ministry of Justice. We offer certified translations of: (B.A., M.A. and Ph.D.) dissertations, marriage, birth and other certificates, power of attorney, passports, extracts from the court/ business register, work permits and other official documents. The translation is [...]

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Revision of your text is done by an expert in the given field who is also a native speaker of the language of the text. We distinguish between two types of revisions – one is a monolingual revision of a text (e.g. a scientific article) written for a domestic or foreign audience; and the second [...]

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For marketing existing or launching new products or services on foreign markets, we offer all-round language solutions. We proofread and translate your registration documentation, promotional materials and instructions (for use) and then graphically design and prepare this for print. PRICE: The price of the all-round solutions package depends on the field of expertise and characteristics [...]

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Among other language services we also offer subtitling of videos and films, DVDs, TV shows and other electronic media. PRICES: The price of the subtitling service depends on the characteristics of the project (the field of expertise and the scope of the spoken text, the desired format of the end product and language pair for [...]

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We can provide you with a written form of audio formats by transcribing the spoken language to written text. Transcription is a suitable solution when you need a written translation of a spoken language of a video or you simply need to have the spoken language recorded in written form. PRICES: The price of the [...]

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If you need interpreting for a business meeting, an international conference or an informal hangout with foreign business partners, we can help you by providing one or more interpreters. Whispered interpreting takes place next to a small target-language audience and the interpreter whispers a simultaneous interpretation of the matter at hand. One interpreter can interpret [...]

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Localisation means translation and adaptation of a text to the specifics of the chosen target market or environment. By localising your webpage you will reach out to a broader circle of potential foreign buyers. Furthermore, establishing and expanding your business abroad will be simpler and more efficient. Besides localisation of webpages, we also offer localisation [...]

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