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Promoting pharmaceuticals: how to approach the translation of marketing texts

Reading time: 6 mins Promoting products to potential buyers is an indispensable part of any company’s business strategy - the pharmaceutical industry is no exception. Given the type of product they are selling, pharmaceutical companies often need to abide by more rigid rules and take extra care to advertise responsibly and accurately. Language service providers (LSPs) who localise these materials need to follow the same guidance: they must also reproduce the key characteristics of promotional [...]

May 5th, 2022|Medicine & Pharmaceuticals|

The best approach to ordering a subtitle translation

Reading time: 5 mins Subtitling and captioning are crucial for reaching your customer base and succeeding on a global scale. Communication in your target customer’s own language is key to a successful marketing strategy. For video content, subtitle translation is essential if you want to expand. This is the third and final in Alamma’s series of articles on subtitling. Previously we explained what subtitles are and how to tackle their translation; here, we explore the [...]

May 5th, 2022|Translation Insights|

How to order a medical translation for a perfect outcome

Reading time: 5.5 min Translation is a very precise job. For a translator to prepare the best translation possible, it is not enough to know the source and target languages well, or to be knowledgeable about the topic. The translator needs as much information as possible about the source text, how it was created, the purpose for which the translation will be used. In short, a translator needs comprehensive context. You might think that providing [...]

April 6th, 2022|Medicine & Pharmaceuticals|

The how-to guide to subtitle translation

Reading time: 5 mins As we discussed in our first article, subtitles allow you to reach a wider audience and come in many shapes and sizes. We discussed why subtitles are important, how they are made, and what types of subtitles there are. In this article, we will focus more closely on the subtitle translation process and the pitfalls to avoid. Once the transcription and timestamping are complete, it is time for translation. The subtitle [...]

April 6th, 2022|Translation Insights|

What makes a good medical translator? These are 5 tell-tale signs.

Reading time: 4 mins You have surely been in this situation before. Your company would like to order a translation. It has to be flawless. Your company does not employ in-house translators, so your task is to find a suitable translator to take on this complex text. How do you know the translator you have chosen is right for the job? Medical translation is challenging. That is a fact. The terminology is not the only [...]

March 4th, 2022|Medicine & Pharmaceuticals|

Subtitles: a quick guide

Reading time: 5 mins Subtitles have become indispensable to any piece of visual media. Adding them to a video will ensure that you reach the widest possible audience. This article will describe why you should use subtitles, what they are, and some dos and don’ts for how to write them so they are ready for translation. Why? Subtitles give you greater reach The first thing you may ask yourself is, ‘Honestly, is it worth it?’ [...]

March 4th, 2022|Translation Insights|
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